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Last Friday, I have sold off all my K1 Ventures shares. Overall,  I made a profits of $150 after holding the shares for two months. The size of the yield is 0.7% and there is nothing to shout about. I wanted to hold the shares longer until the 3Q results are released in April. But I am consolidating all my funds to purchase an Executive Condominium, so I have decided to divest all my shares (thankfully with some profits).

For the uninitiated, K1 Ventures is the investment arm of Keppel Corporation and was formerly known as Keppel Marine Industries Limited. The investment firm pirimarily invests in education, energy, and transportation leasing companies in the United States. Compared to its parent company, Keppel Corporation, K1 Ventures is of course less well-known and is under the radar of most investors. However, under the guidance of their Chairman and CEO, Mr Steven Green, the company has been consistently giving out good dividends for the past decade. I have made a lot of profits from investing in K1 Ventures over the years. Therefore, I have a lot of confidence in the performance of the company because of the management’s track record in delivering for the past 10 years.

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I have exited K1 Ventures recently not because the business fundamentals have changed but investors need to know that currently, the company is in divestment mode. Following the failed management takeover in 2013, the company has been in divestment mode. The management is managing existing investments with a view of exiting within the next few years and returning excess cash to shareholders.

For the past week, the stock market has seen a mini rally. Could this be a window of opportunity for investors to take profits and seek safe haven like gold? Now that I have exited from the stock market, I am more at ease. At least now my money is not stuck in my stock investments. There had been too many wild swings in the stock market for 2016 and investors need to position themselves to refrain from losing money. Adopting a buy-and-hold in such chaotic situations will not be wise.

Based on Dave’s See How I Trade membership website, there are some interesting market trend analysis. Even though I am not trading options at this moment, his market summary provides me valuable data on where the market is heading. As I am not trained in technical analysis and also lack information on the Big Boys movement, Dave’s See How I Trade, let me know what to expect in the market. You certainly don’t want to be caught in a market sell-off and lose your pants.

I have seen many new investors losing money in the stock market without knowing what is going on. In my point of view, their mistakes do not lie in the analysis of the companies they invested in. Rather, they lack knowledge on how the market works. Knowing what are the market drivers and having advance information on the Big Boys’ movements are important because these are the factors that influence the market outcomes. This is where Dave’s See How I Trade can fill the gap.

By combing his technical analysis on the US stock market, coupled with his knowledge on the Big Boys’ movements, members are able to make informed decision on their stock investments. Are you interested in learning how to invest in stocks? SG Wealth Builder is pleased to join force with Dave, a fellow investment blogger who started Smart Passive Cash Flow website in 2011 and subsequently created the membership website, See How I Trade. Watch how this guru strategize and learn from him on how to trade during bear market. This blogger has a passion in trading and like me, understood the importance of respecting the big boys’ movement in order to make money from the stock market.

SG Wealth Builder: See How I Trade

SG Wealth Builder: See How I Trade

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