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Over the years, I have received many requests from start-ups, entrepreneurs and large enterprises wishing to promote their products and services through my blog, SG Wealth Builder. On the other hand, I have also received many queries from readers who wished to find out more about various investment products. To meet the needs from both parties, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a forum in my blog.

I reckon a forum is long overdue as my vision is to build a wealth builders network through this blog. The exchange of views and sharing of investment ideas will certainly help to enhance investors’ knowledge and shape our understanding on how the real world functions. The forum will also serves as a platform for various investors and companies to reach out to each other and foster win-win relationships.

SG Wealth Builder

The forum is only one week old and it is still work-in-progress. Readers can register to be members to reply topics. At this moment, I still want to retain control on the creation of topics, so readers can only register and make comments. Going forward, more value-add features will be introduced progressively, such as member ranking, marketplace, private chat groups, private messaging, etc.

To satisfy the numerous guest blogging requests that I have received so far, special segment within the forum will be created to allow contributors to test out their writing flair and perhaps, drive some goodwill traffic to their websites. In addition, to meet the needs of companies wishing to advertise online, a new segment will also be created to facilitate such advertisement needs.

Registration to be members of SG Wealth Builder network is free and takes only 5 minutes. So hurry and sign up to be part of the network!

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