BullionStar: Improvements to the Vault Grams® Program

Below is an announcement from BullionStar concerning its Vault Grams ® Program. Over the years, BullionStar has introduced a slew of innovative products. The re-branding of Vault Grams ® Program to Bullion Savings Program (BSP) will offer wealth builders the flexibility to convert BSP Grams to physical bullion bars. The introduction of the 2-factor authentication will also help to strengthen the security of BullionStar customer’s online account.

Effective 1 December 2015, we will be making several improvements to the Vault Grams® Program which will be re-branded to the “Bullion Savings Program (BSP)” to better capture its new characteristics. Buying and selling BSP Grams will work in the same way as for Vault Grams.

With the Bullion Savings Program, BullionStar will introduce the possibility to convert/withdraw BSP Grams (formerly Vault Grams) to physical bullion bars. You will be able to convert BSP Grams in Gold in increments of 100 gram to 100 gram PAMP Cast Gold Bars. BSP Grams in Silver will be convertible in increments of 15,000 gram to 15 kg Heraeus Silver Bars. BSP Grams in Platinum will be convertible in increments of 1,000 gram to 1 kg Heraeus Platinum Bars.

With the conversion/withdrawal possibility, it will thus be possible to use the Bullion Savings Program, not only for trading purposes, but also for saving towards physical bullion bars.

BullionStar holds and will continue to hold more than enough physical precious metals in stock to ensure that all BSP Grams are fully allocated at all times. Starting 1 December, we will also publish a daily report on the amount of stock inventory we hold to back the Bullion Savings Program. The report will be published under My Vault Storage on BullionStar’s website.

Customer holdings of Vault Grams will automatically be transferred to BSP Grams.

2-Factor Authentication

Starting 1 December 2015, BullionStar will allow for customers to enable 2-factor authentication in order to login to their accounts. If you choose to enable 2-factor authentication, a code will be sent via SMS text message to your mobile phone every time you login to your BullionStar account. You will be required to enter the code sent to your mobile phone to complete the login and access your account.

To enable 2-factor authentication, login to your account (after 1 December) and go to “My Account/Account Details”.

Updated Terms & Conditions

In anticipation of the improvements mentioned above, a new version of BullionStar’s Terms and Conditions will enter into effect 1 December 2015. The new version of the Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Updated: November 23, 2015 — 2:34 pm

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