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Join me in my investment journey and read my financial adventures! Through the sharing, my vision is to make a difference to people’s lives. In school, we don’t learn how to budget, manage our finances, build wealth and invest our money. Instead, we are taught subjects which we may never put to use most of the times during our working lives.

Yet, managing our money is an important life skill that is critical to our survival in the society. Many people start to realize the importance of managing money only when they face the prospect of financial ruins, by then which would be too late for remedies. Through my life experiences, I have formed a set of money philosophy which I hope to share with my family, friends and readers. And this is The Five Wealth Languages.

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In my wealth journey, I discovered that successful wealth builders are those who speak the Five Wealth Languages – Career, Investment, Property, Preservation and Cash.

Thus, I started this blog to share articles on these five wealth languages which I aspire to make a positive impact in others’ lives. By subscribing to the free email notification, you can view free excerpts of my various stock analysis on Singapore stocks.

Basically, this blog is not about me. It is about you. Together, we can build a community and foster a shared journey.

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