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NEC helps the poor and needy in Singapore

Below is a heart-warming article on NEC’s food donation to help the poor and needy in Singapore. It drives home the importance of achieving wealth in order to help others. As you build up your wealth, you would realize that you are given choices – either to enrich yourself, upgrade your knowledge or donate money […]

When to Use a Credit Card and Not Cash

Many people still pay for goods and services with cash and this is perfectly fine. Cash transactions are quick especially when you’re only buying a few items at the grocery store or convenience store. Using cash also lets buyers and merchants avoid fees associated with using a credit card. However, credit card issuersoffer their customers […]

Singapore’s God of Gambler

Recently, I watched a video clip in YouTube featuring one of Singapore best known local celebrities, Lee Nanxing, who related his journey of conversion to Christianity after a harrowing personal finance problem. He recounted that when he reached his career pinnacle in the nineties, he unwittingly offended the Mediacorp top management and was being “frozen” […]

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