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Month: February 2015

The Silver Bull Market: Four Investment Factors to Consider Before Buying Silver or Gold

In Shayne McQuire’s The Silver Bull Market, he highlighted four important factors to consider before buying silver or gold: 1) Investment safety refers to your capital protection from the financial market risks. Most people always lament that owning silver or gold bullion does not provide dividend incomes. However, they don’t realize that precious metals allows […]

Investing in SingTel

Stock Market

Nowadays, I am extremely fed up with M1 network services. No matter where I go, the 3G network coverage is terribly poor for my mobile phone. As a result, sometimes I could not receive messages from my loved ones and friends. I suspect the drop in the network quality may be because I cancelled M1 […]

Gold Bars traded without spread in Singapore – A world’s first!

Below is a press release from BullionStar Pte Ltd, a Singapore registered bullion dealer offering GST exempted precious metals for savings and investment. The Singaporean government exempted precious metals in 2012 with the objective of making Singapore a trading, transit and storage hub of precious metals. Gold Bars with No Spread! Today, BullionStar launches a unique […]

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