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Building a Win-Win Relationship with Your Property Agent Education Seminar

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Two years ago, my wife and myself engaged a property agent from Propnex to sell our five room HDB flat. At that point of time, HDB had already implemented a slew of cooling measures to tame the bullish real estate market, so we are aware that there was a need for us to engage the services of an experienced property agent to assist us to navigate through the myriad of HDB rules. We also did not want the hassle of spending too much time on researching the HDB rules as my wife just gave birth to our daughter. Fortunately, the property agent was very experienced and he helped to ensure that the whole process of selling and buying transactions were smooth sailing.Most Singaporeans far underestimate the role of property agents in their property transactions. A good property agent will do a proper financial planning before proceeding to market his services to you. This is important as there are many investors, down-graders, first-time sellers/buyers in the market and everyone’s financial situation is unique. In view of this, property agents cannot adopt a one-size-fits-all strategy in approaching would-be property sellers/buyers. Basically, a competent property agent must be able to assess and help you plan your finance at first-hand opportunity to ensure that the transaction can go through. Take for example, during our first meeting, our property agent defined the potential show-stoppers in our transaction, such as  our accrued CPF interests for our existing property, whether we intended to do “contra”, what was our expected cash-over-valuations and etc. If you are clueless on the terms highlighted in bold, then it is important that you seek help because these are important factors that might make or break your property transactions.

I counted myself to be fortunate because our agent was knowledgeable in the HDB rules and was transparent in the whole transaction process. We got a good selling price for our property and were pleased that he managed to sell our flat within six months. However, I understand first time property buyers/sellers may not be as lucky as me. I have heard of several cases of property agents who messed up property transactions and gave the property owners living hell. I have also heard of unscrupulous agents trying to cheat undiscerning first-time buyers by claiming to them that they have to pay commission fees when the agents were not even representing them in the first place.

Therefore, to succeed in property investments and become rich, you need to be educated in knowing how to handle property agents in Singapore. To this end, local finance blogger, Property Soul is organizing an education seminar on “Building a Win-Win Relationship with Your Property Agent”.
Do you know your rights when dealing with property agents? What are the ways to protect yourself as a consumer? What can you do when you have disputes with your agent?

Do you know that property agents can make or break your deal? Can you tell a good agent from a bad one? How do successful investors and smart landlords benefit from using a good agent?

Come and learn first-hand from experienced industry experts who will share with you all the tips and traps, and above all, how to build a win-win relationship with your property agent.

Seminar details
Date       : August 3, 2014 (Sunday)
Time       : 2.30 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Venue     : National Library Building

14:00 Registration
14:35 Welcome
14:40 A heart-to-heart conversation with my property agent
Irene Lim, Senior Marketing Director, ERA Realty
Property Soul, author of No B.S. Guide to Property Investment
15:10 Networking session: my experience with property agents
All participants
15:40 Tea break
16:10 Knowing your rights: tips of finding a good agent
Property Soul, author of No B.S. Guide to Property Investment
16:25 Upholding our code of conduct: how we handle complaints and resolve disputes
Randy Chan, Compliance Manager, ERA
17:00 End of seminar

Member: $35
Non-member: $55
Seats are limited. Registration will be closed once function room reaches full capacity.

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Reits Masterclass
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  1. If need to pay $25, then it is a huge deterrence

  2. Its actually $35. Well there is no such thing as free lunch in this world. If you want the knowledge to build wealth, you need to pay for it. This amount is really value for money if you think from the prospective that you gain new knowledge that can empower you to make wiser financial moves.

  3. Property Club Singapore, like any property club/association in western countries, charges a “door fee” for every event ($35 for members and $55 for non-members). The nominal fee serves the following purposes:

    1) To cover the costs of venue, F&B and miscellaneous expenses;

    2) To reduce cases of people coming for “upselling” or other agenda;

    3) To prevent unrelated people coming for free food, kill time, etc.; and

    4) To avoid too many “registered but no-show” to free up seats for the genuine attendees eager to learn from the experts.

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