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Month – March 2012

The Ultimate Gangbang

During the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis, stock market crashed throughout the world and triggered the collapse of several big US banks. Back then, even the Singapore government had to make the unprecedent move of guaranteeing all bank deposits till end 2010 to prevent bank runs. There were mayhems and carnages everywhere. There were also […]

The truth about money

Last month, our Education Minister commented that employers believe Singapore students lack drive and the willingness to try new things to succeed. I chuckled when I finished reading the article. Look, it doesn’t take a Singaporean genius to figure out that our education system has been result-driven and highly competitive for the past three decades. […]

Learn how to sell

When I just started working as a manufacturing engineer in the aerospace sector, I always thought that my department (operations) was the most important department in my company. This was because I felt that without engineers solving problems in the production lines, the company would not be able to function as per normal. It was […]

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